We are Committed to the Homeowner

The vision for us at HomeZada is to provide the homeowner a valuable tool to manage their home and the assets and possessions in it. We believe that a home is still one of your most valuable assets in your life, and that our system can help people maintain and improve the value of this asset.

Safe, Innovative and Valuable Solutions

Our online service is committed to storing your home's information with extremely high level of security. We take every precaution possible and look at every angle of security from the physical data centers, to the servers and databases, as well as the transmission protocols over the Internet. We are also committed to providing a fast and reliable service that gives you secure access to your home's data whenever you want it.

We recognize that there are different kinds of homeowners, from first time buyers to people managing multiple homes. Our solution is designed to provide value no matter where you are in the cycle of the homes you own, and whether you are a home expert or a novice in understanding what it takes to maintain and improve a home.

Our company has assembled a team of experts in various fields to provide you with an innovative and valuable solution. Our team of people have backgrounds in home maintenance and home keeping, software technology experience, partner management, and overall company strategy.