Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of typical questions and the answers about the HomeZada service below. Please take a look at these questions and answers to see if we have answered a question you might have. If not, please feel free to Contact Us.

Is HomeZada designed to manage the kind of home I own and for my preferences?
There are different kinds of homeowners, from first time buyers to people managing multiple homes. The system manages any kind and size of home and is useful whether you are a home expert or a novice in understanding what it takes to maintain and improve a home.

Can I have multiple family members access the system and share the information?
Yes, once you create an account, you can “Invite” as many other family members to join for free with their own email login and password.

Do I have to manually enter in every item? That sounds like a lot of effort.
HomeZada has a smart property creation process and it predicts the common rooms and inventory items that you own. You can easily add items missed and delete items that don’t apply. It is very easy to build your property profile.

Do I have to enter my inventory all at once?
You can either build your profile at once, or you can take a room by room approach. HomeZada has a number of Quick Actions to streamline the process, and the News and Alerts will remind you of rooms and inventory you have forgotten.

Can I upload all the photos of my property to the system at once?
You can upload all your photos at once and even tag them to the appropriate Space, Item, or the overall Property which is a big time saver. You can also upload photos one at a time.

Can I use the To Dos and Maintenance features without putting in my inventory first?
Yes, you can use these features independently. Connecting your maintenance routines to your specific home and the system in it provides more value.

Do I have to use all HomeZada’s checklist recommendations for Cleaning, Maintenance, and Yardwork??
You have complete control over what checklists you add to your property allowing you to focus on what is important for you and your home.

Will the system remind me of things I need to do?
Yes, once your property profile and checklists are created, the News and Alerts proactively remind you at the right time what needs to be done in the home.

Can I create To Dos and use the Calendar for other things?
HomeZada’s To Do Lists and Calendar is flexible for you to create and manage any task or event, and it can be used as a family calendar that is shared among everyone.

How detailed should my inventory be?
This is your personal preference. HomeZada is flexible if you choose a high level approach to creating an inventory for just the major things in your home, or you can be very detailed and add as many items as you wish.

What are Possession Inventory Items?
Possessions are a collection of the key personal assets in your home like Electronics, Furniture, Small Appliances, Tools, Decorative Items, Collections, Housewares, and Personal Items.

What are Fixed Inventory Items?
These are items that you typically have to maintain and are fixed to the property such as Equipment, Building Materials, Landscaping Items and Major Appliances.

Does the system have a contacts directory?
Yes, you can create a contact list of all the companies and people that are involved with your home.

Can I upload my important documents about my property?
Yes, you can upload any document you want and link them to your overall Property, any Inventory Item, any To Do, or any Contact. This is useful for your insurance policies, mortgage documents, receipts, or just about anything.

Can I print my To Do lists, Calendar, and Home Inventory?
Yes, you can print your individual To Dos, your overall To Do Lists, your Calendar and a specialized Household Inventory PDF that you could send to your insurance agent.

What browsers does HomeZada support?
HomeZada supports Internet Explorer 8.0 and above, Firefox 4.0 and above, Safari 4.0 and above, and Chrome 10.0 and above.

What mobile phone operating systems are supported?
HomeZada supports Android 2.1 and above, and iOS 3.2 and above.