Track Where the Money Goes in Your Home

HomeZada provides quick financial visibility into various spending categories in
your home. Watch the Short Video

Home Spending Dashboard

A dashboard view into the value of your home’s inventory.

Total Home Inventory ValueTotal Possession Value

It is important to know the current and ongoing value of your personal possessions for obtaining the right amount of coverage with your home owner’s insurance policy.

Total Home Fixed Assets ValueTotal Fixed Assets Value

The building materials, equipment, major appliances and landscaping that make up your home are often times replaced and improved while you own your home.  HomeZada tracks how much money you have put into the fixed assets of your home.

New Spending on Home AssetsNew Spending on Assets

As you purchase new items for your home, HomeZada tracks the date and value of those purchases.  You can then see historical charts about the value of new items in your home by month and year.

Annual Maintenance CostsAnnual Maintenance Costs

All your To Do's are categorized as cleaning, maintenance, yardwork, or fix it/repair items so you can quickly see how much it costs to maintain everything inside and outside of your home.