HomeZada Does the Thinking for You

News and alerts are proactive, intelligent and timely which allow you to quickly focus on what is important in your home. Watch the Short Video

News and Alerts

The news page shows a variety of alerts keeping you informed.

Warranty Expiration ReminderReminders

HomeZada provides you reminders as news feed for any upcoming or overdue To Dos, as well as any upcoming warranties about to expire.

Build your Property ProfileBuild your Property Profile

The news page provides you smart reminders of the key things to build a complete property profile ensuring you have all the right documentation on your home’s inventory.

Large Library of ChecklistsBest Practices

HomeZada has a large library of various checklists that are periodically delivered to you as news items for you to consider adopting for your specific property.

Actionable NewsActionable News

Key links are included with each news item giving you the ability to quickly take actions right from the news page.