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Mark - “…peace of mind with inventory in the cloud….”

What the heck is HomeZada?

"Well I’ll tell you what it is – it’s super freaking cool. It’s an online hub that helps you organize all your home projects, maintenance and inventory. Needless to say, I’m pretty impressed with this product."

But what if you lost it all?

"I really love the home inventory feature because it's a safe, online place to store information about the value of your goods and photos as well.."

Maria - “…incredibly useful for project budgets and shopping….”

What can you do with HomeZada?
"For us this is the perfect software to keep our home remodeling projects and budget on track. We used to enter everything into an excel file and then would forget about it."

Get your house in order with Homezada
"HomeZada makes the task of running a home a cinch, helping homeowners to keep track of cleaning schedules, maintenance work and various other projects around the home that are vital to its upkeep"

Nancy - “…it was that fast and easy….”

Revolutionizing Home Management
"I was able to set up the rest of our home maintenance for the year in about 20 minutes. I love how HomeZada streamlines the organization of my home's needs. The reminders are nice, too!"

Get it together with HomeZada
"If you’re an obsessive list maker like this gal then HomeZada may be your new crack – so proceed with caution. Or not, just go nuts with it."

Dan - “…readily available home documents in case of hurricane….”

Software to maintain your home
"Instead of having lists and documents and information spread out all over the place (in files, notebooks, or just in your head), this website allows you to organize everything related to managing your home, all in one easy to find spot."

Home Management
"And when it comes to home projects, of which we have a lot, you can use HomeZada to plan, budget, and schedule every detail. Project Management Geeks everywhere (myself included), rejoice!"

Joe - “…save some serious change with maintenance….”

Every organized homeowners dream
"It is like the HUB for all things house and home."

Home Improvement, More Organized
"The husbands will like this—it lets you budget and forecast your spending. You can now show him why you need to repaint your kitchen cabinets and rip up all of your carpet in a nice little presentation, complete with pie charts and graphs :)"

Bruno - “…see how much money is in our home….”

Electronic way to keep organized
"It’s like an online honey-do-list plus insurance help plus renovation tracker. Genius."

Organize and Manage your Home
"Sign up was a complete breeze … and I loved that the site directed me straight to a quick tips page--no wandering around the site, trying to figure out what to do first."

Organize, protect and maintain your home
"And most importantly, maintenance projects around the home (which I’m horrible at) are scheduled in a convenient and easy-to-read calendar so you have no excuses. My hubby loves this part!"

Manage your home details
"My favorite is the ability to schedule recurring tasks that I always seem to forget to complete – like cleaning and resealing grout, cleaning my baseboards, and yes, changing the air conditioner filters."