Everyone Knows What Needs to Get Done

HomeZada automatically creates to dos at the right time based on the frequency of your property checklists. Watch the Short Video

To Dos Screen

The shared property calendar shows the different To Dos that need to get done.

Automatic To DosNever Forget

HomeZada's automatic To Dos will never let you forget a key maintenance or cleaning routine for your home. This preventative maintenance keeps your home's assets working in good condition longer.

HomeZada's To Do's tracks who did the workFamily Teamwork

You can establish a plan for the property’s To Dos that includes multiple family members as well as 3rd party service providers.  Everyone is happier because the To Dos are divided up amongst the entire team.

See All the To Do's in a Calendar ViewEasy to Use

You can see all the To Do's in a calendar view or in a simple list view.  You can also filter the To Do's for your own, or for other people in the house sharing the work, or even 3rd party contractors like landscapers and house cleaners.

Ad Hoc To Do'sAd Hoc To Do's

HomeZada allows you to quickly create To Do's on the fly and assign them to someone with a due date. This comes in handy for those special weekend "honey-dos" or when something is broken and needs to be fixed in the home.