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Increase Home Value with Digital Home Management

Manage your largest asset in one place

The homeowner cycle

Smart applications and recommendations to manage data about your home for insurance, maintenance, remodeling, and financial purposes. Save money, improve value, and get organized.

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Plan and Manage all your Remodeling Projects

Manage budgets, brand research, costs, photos and docs for all your home improvements with easy to use project templates that helps you save money and be organized.

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Get Peace of Mind with a Home Inventory

Easily inventory your home’s features and contents with unlimited digital photos, documents, receipts and get financial dashboards showing you the value of your things.

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Reduce energy costs and avoid expensive fix it repairs

An annual home maintenance schedule is created for you with alerts and reminders of important monthly maintenance tasks to make sure your home is efficient, safe, and healthy for your family.

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How it works

  • I'm a homeowner
  • I'm buying or selling
  • I'm a new homeowner

As a current homeowner:

  • Track your home's fixed assets
  • Maintain a home maintenance schedule
  • Plan, budget and manage your projects
  • Manage your home finances

I'm selling:

  • Engage buyers online with unlimited photos and documents about all the rooms and features
  • You or your agent can choose what to publish
  • Create value and increased visibility with more information about the home

I'm buying:

  • Get quality information on a home
  • Let the Zada Listing help you make the right decision

I just bought:

  • Get a complete copy of the Zada listing from the seller or agent
  • Important data about your new home is available in your own secure account
  • Be instantly prepared to manage the home right at move-in time

Why people love HomeZada

Easy to set up and use

"The system was so easy it created my maintenance calendar, it already had a generic home inventory, and all I did is upload and tag photos and personalize it."

Stephanie from California

Great personal finance app

"My house is my largest asset, and I needed a simple solution to not only manage it today, but help me maximize the value when I sell in the future."

Alan from Colorado



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