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We are Committed to the Homeowner

The vision for us at HomeZada is to provide the homeowner a valuable tool to manage their home and the assets and possessions in it. We believe that a home is still one of your most valuable assets in your life, and that our system can help people maintain and improve the value of this asset.

Our Story

It all started with air filters, home projects, and a mountain of paper.

Have you ever forgotten to change the air filters? Did you know that your hot water heater needs draining? Are you over budget with home projects? Are you overloaded with papers in different locations throughout your home? Do you know how much equity is your home? Our HomeZada team had the same experiences and questions when it comes to managing their home.

Because of these questions, HomeZada was born! Internet apps to manage all the digital home records throughout the homeowner lifecycle.

Once we told people about HomeZada, we found friends who lost homes due to fire. Fires started by unseen faulty dishwasher wires, mice chewing on wires in an attic or common kitchen fires. We learned that friends had been burglarized and had to detail the information to the police only to forget the details of their possessions having a tough time recovering the items lost. Strangers told us about flooding damage due to poor or forgotten maintenance on pipes. Others reached out and shared their stories about challenging and over budget home improvement projects. These shared stories continue and we knew we had something that could help others manage their home details.

Not only did we hear homeowner stories, we also heard from professionals who service homeowners. Professionals in real estate, mortgage, home building, insurance, property management, organizing, home managers and more are interested in what HomeZada can do for their business and their clients.

We believe that a home is most people’s largest asset, and we are inspired to provide a safe, reliable, and effective online and mobile solution that helps people save money and time when managing, selling or buying a home.

HomeZada is here to make home management easy so you can enjoy your life!



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