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Make smarter financial decisions

Stay in control of changing financial metrics such as current estimates of home value, a 3 year forecast, current home equity, mortgage balance, and annual expenses.

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Analyze Asset Values & Total Cost of Ownership

Your home is your largest asset and biggest expense. HomeZada is the single platform that brings together all your home financial asset information and various categories of expenses. Use multiple dashboards and reports to always stay in control of your home.

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Budget for Home Related Expenses

HomeZada calculates your original mortgage loan and any second mortgage. Track your home insurance policy coverages and cost as well as your property taxes. Budget for all ongoing household expenses such as energy, water, garbage, internet, and other premium expense like landscaping and pool services.

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Stay Current on Your Home’s Value and Equity

HomeZada automatically updates the estimated value of your home and how much equity you have on a regular basis. Current real time real estate market data is used to provide a 3 year forecast of estimated value and equity. Your loan to value (LTV) ratio is also calculated to provide insight into how much you might qualify for with a home equity loan.

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Connect to Online Banks for Actual Home Payment Data

HomeZada securely connects to your online bank and credit card accounts to automatically aggregate all your actual home related expenses in one place. This gives you financial insight into your total cost to own your home. It also provides dashboards to visualize monthly payments trends such as utilities and to spot multi-year trends to make better decisions saving money.

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  • Get accurate estimates of your home’s value on an ongoing basis with real estate analytics
  • Automatically calculate your estimated home equity to plan for your future finances
  • Track your mortgage schedule, interest, pay off date, and remaining balance
  • Manage insurance policy coverage, scheduled property, payments and expiration dates
  • Get a 3 year forecasted home value via analytics on comprehensive real estate data
  • Calculate interest savings on your mortgage with additional monthly payments
  • Manage all household related expenses with a monthly cash flow budget
  • Track property taxes such as assessed values, tax amounts, and payment schedules
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Manage all your Home Finances

Seeing is understanding, which gives us the ability to make better home finance decisions. Your home is probably your largest asset so make sure you are managing five key financial components of your home.

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