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Simply the best inventory software app for your home

Easily document all the fixed assets and contents in your home for insurance purposes and for managing future home selling and moving processes.

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Gain Peace of Mind and Protect Your Home

HomeZada creates a template home inventory for you right at sign-up. Easily personalize the inventory by taking and uploading photos of all your rooms and items. Estimate the value of your personal property to make sure you are properly insured. Be prepared with your inventory and documents safely stored in case your home is ever damaged or destroyed.

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Homeowner AI Makes a Home Inventory Easy

Homeowner AI is the fastest and most accurate inventory saving you time and providing peace of mind. Home inventory ai processes photos of interior and exterior spaces, identifies building and personal property items, estimates the value, and produces a description! Visual photo ai also processes close up photos to identify brand, model, and serial numbers.

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Use Videos to Quickly Record Each Room

Record, upload and playback videos for every room on your property. This is the quickest way to have a visual record of all your property and materials in every interior and exterior part of your home. Gain peace of mind by always being able to go back and watch to document individual items in case you ever needed to file an insurance claim.

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Use Dashboards to Assess Insurance Needs

Use multiple dashboards to assess the total value of your home inventory to make sure you are properly insured. Print a Household Inventory PDF that includes your itemized home inventory along with photos and share with your insurance agent to determine your insurance needs as well as if you ever have to file a claim.

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  • Smart inventory templates makes it simple and easy to create your inventory list
  • Itemize your contents for insurance purposes in case of a claim
  • Track your fixed assets like equipment, appliances, fixtures and building materials
  • Upload and tag photos, videos, and documents to your rooms and inventory items
  • Make sure you are properly insured with dashboards that summarize your items
  • Access your inventory with any device from our secure, cloud infrastructure
  • Track your contents inventory to manage your movers when moving
  • Try our FREE home inventory iOS app, Android app, or sign up via mobile web
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5 Reasons to Have a Home Inventory

A home inventory ensures you are not underā€insured, prepared for any claims, on top of maintenance, and prepared for either moving or estate planning.

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