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Software app to manage home improvement projects

Save money and stay organized by planning and documenting all of your remodel, interior design, and landscaping projects.

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Save Money and Control Your Remodel Projects

HomeZada helps you create a budget for all the items on your project, regardless of whether you DIY or hire a contractor. Track all your costs, receipts and invoices to compare against your budget. Take before, during and after photos as well as manage an action list of tasks to keep you or your contractor on schedule with everything that needs to get done to complete your project.

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Homeowner AI Revolutionizes Home Improvement

Home improvement AI provides a list of projects with maximum ROI and suggests energy and water efficiency projects. Use Homeowner AI to budget for every material, equipment, appliance and fixture required. Home improvement AI analyzes different categories, specs, price ranges and manufacturers for each item which saves time researching for all your projects.

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Plan and Budget for All Your Renovations

HomeZada provides templates for over 40 common home remodel projects. Create all the projects you are considering and use shopping choices to research and save different product and brand options. This gives you high, medium and low budgets that are realistic based on your decisions over what you want and need.

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Keep Project Records for Tax and Resale Purposes

Many remodel projects are considered financial investments into your home. It is important to keep great financial records of all these projects for any tax planning purposes or the selling of your home. Multiple dashboards and scorecards provides financial visibility into all your previous remodels.

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  • Planning is easy with our ready to use templates of common home projects
  • Easily manage multiple projects at once with our budgeting and timeline features
  • Bookmark online product and brand research with offline shopping for comparisons
  • Manage DIY or contractor hired projects including all the contracts and receipts
  • Keep before and after photos, as well as warranties, permits, owner manuals, etc.
  • Track actual costs for future tax planning and your tax basis for future re-sale
  • Automatically update your home inventory and home maintenance schedules
  • Highlight completed projects in an online Zada File when you sell your home
Home remodel projects dashboard

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A Guide to Having Successful Home Projects

Learn the basic steps to managing your projects with our home improvement projects infographic.

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