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Keep your clients for life

HomeZada Pro gives real estate professionals the power to engage clients throughout the buying, owning and selling cycle.

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Provide value with proven tools and content

A bottle of wine does not help your client manage their largest financial asset. HomeZada Pro gives you the ability to provide your client with proven software to manage their home.

Clients manage digital home information:

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Homezada Pro for realtors for customer retention

Enter and track your HomeZada gifts to your clients

Maintain a loyal relationship for a lifetime

Homezada pro branding ad for realtors and real estate agents

Your branding ad displayed on the dashboard to client

You won’t be remembered with a fridge magnet. Your clients are reminded of you with an online branding ad for years as they use HomeZada to manage their largest financial asset.

Never lose the referral or listing to another agent in the future as you are the agent that gets the call when they decide to sell.

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Dazzle sellers with a differentiated approach

Bring something totally unique to your next listing presentation: The Zada Listing.

These days, every agent does virtual tours. Every agent puts their seller’s listing on the big real estate sites. The Zada Listing leverages the data and photos collected in your HomeZada Pro account to showcase a listing in a completely new way.

See a Sample Zada Listing

Sample zada real estate listing screenshot

Room by room tour with unlimited photos, docs and more

How it works

  • HomeZada Professional for Real Estate
  • Zada Listings
  • HomeZada for Homeowners
  • Create your account with your online branding ad and contact info
  • Upload unlimited photos, videos and documents about your listings
  • Publish the Zada Listing to the public portion of the website
  • Send unique URL to prospects who are interesting in learning more
  • Print a Zada Listing Flyer to give out that drives people back to the site
  • Provide the link as a follow up with buyers after a showing or open house
  • Copy and transfer the Zada Listing to the successful buyer in their own secure account
  • New homeowner has data and an application to manage their largest asset
  • Your brand is displayed to new homeowner, keeping a relationship over years

Why use HomeZada

  • Provide your sellers with a differentiated online strategy to market their home
  • Use unlimited photos, videos, documents, links, and projects to market the property
  • Reduce wasting your time on physical showings of the home to unqualified leads
  • Keep qualified leads engaged online with your listing while they decide to make an offer
  • The Listing Agent is always shown with the property and gets all the leads for free
  • Build client loyalty by providing a valuable tool to the buyer to manage their new home



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