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A transformative new way for buyers and sellers to connect

A Zada File helps sellers differentiate their home online while providing buyers more information to manage the home moving forward.

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For Sellers

Homeowners become sellers

Home management to real estate listing

HomeZada provides an easy way for a homeowner to selectively publish digital information about the home, its fixed assets, completed remodels and maintenance when they decide they want to sell their home.

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Differentiate from other sellers

Zada real estate listing room tour

You are competing with other homes for sale in your neighborhood and the competition starts online. The Zada File allows you to share unlimited photos, documents, videos, and other links online, providing buyers a competitive differentiator about your home.

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For Buyers

Demand more insight

Home maintenance schedule on a real estate listing

A Zada File gives you much more insight about a home online which saves you time in your home research. Lots of sites provide you neighborhood information, but a Zada File gets you deeply inside the home via the web.

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Get tools to manage your new home

Home management reminders and alerts

As you move in to your new home, you usually get no real digital data about the home. Now, a Zada File becomes the digital starting point in your own private and secure account to manage your home maintenance, home inventory, home remodel and home finances.

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How it works

  • I'm a homeowner
  • I'm buying or selling
  • I'm a new homeowner

As a current homeowner:

  • Track your home's fixed assets
  • Maintain a home maintenance schedule
  • Plan, budget and manage your projects
  • Manage your home finances

As a seller:

  • Engage buyers online with unlimited photos and documents about all the rooms and features
  • You or your agent can choose what to publish
  • Create value and increased visibility with more information about the home

As a buyer:

  • Get quality information on a home
  • Let the Zada File help you make the right decision

I just bought:

  • Get a complete copy of the Zada listing from the seller or agent
  • Important data about your new home is available in your own secure account
  • Be instantly prepared to manage the home right at move-in time

Why people love HomeZada

Sell the home faster

"The Zada File tells an online story about the house, which kept interested buyers engaged online, and helped sell the house faster because of the information provided."

Luke - Seller from Illinois

Valuable information in decision

"We bought a home where the Zada File really showed the sellers diligence in maintaining the home, and we get our own copy to manage it moving forward."

Matt - Buyer from Washington

Zen of Zada for Homeowners

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