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Home Document Management & Scanning

Get organized by easily creating a digital record of all your home’s documents which keeps you in control and prepared for anything regarding your largest financial asset.

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Unlimited Storage of All Your Home Documents

Home Document Management

HomeZada consolidates all your paper and digital documents about your home in one place. You can store any documents such as the real estate and mortgage documents when you bought the home, insurance policies, warranties, owners manuals, contractor invoices, receipts of things you buy for your home and more. Upload any pdf, word or excel document and even link to other websites.

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Document Scanning and AI with HomeZada Mobile App

Home Document Scanning and AI

Most of your documents about your home such as receipts and invoices are in paper which most people tend to lose or forget to save. HomeZada’s mobile app allows you to scan any paper document and it instantly converts it to a digital format, saves it for you, and even uses AI to detect all the text on the paper document. HomeZada’s mobile app and your phone have become an instant document scanner.

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Easy Search and Retrieval of Any Doc When You Need It

HomeZada Home Document Management

Most people can’t find important home documents when they need it, such as a refinancing, shopping for home insurance, remembering that contractor you used last year, or the receipt of that TV you just bought. HomeZada’s global search helps you find any document instantly from any device such as mobile, tablet and desktop. Now your home and your documents are at your fingertips in a few seconds when you need them.

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