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A personal finance solution that is a digital hub of all the important information about your largest financial asset - your home.

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Home remodel project overview

Plan and manage all your remodel, landscaping, and design projects. Save money and stay in control by tracking your shopping research, budgets, costs, photos and documents.

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Home maintenance overview

Keep your home safe, healthy, and operating efficiently with HomeZada’s automated home maintenance schedule that automatically reminds you of important seasonal checklists.

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Home inventory overview

Make sure you are properly insured and prepared for any fires, burglaries or natural disasters by having a home inventory that includes photos, documents, receipts, and videos.

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Home finance dashboards overview

Stay in control with multiple dashboards that automatically keep you up to date on various financial metrics such as home values, household expenses, completed projects and maintenance costs.

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Home listing marketing overview

Building a Digital Home Profile helps in the future when you want to sell your home by allowing you to publish a Zada File to differentiate your home with more data and information for buyers to view.

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Homeowner Lifecycle

Homeowner lifecycle overview

Learn about how managing digital home information saves money and improves value when owning, selling, and buying homes.

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Any Device, Anywhere

HomeZada is a secure, cloud solution where you can enter and access your digital home information from a desktop, tablet or mobile device that supports an optimized user experience.

Go Mobile!

HomeZada has an iPhone, iPad, and Android apps that you can use once you create an account. Download these apps from the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.

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Safe and Secure

HomeZada uses sophisticated and state of the art security technology that includes 256 bit encryption and the world’s leading cloud infrastructure provider that securely stores the data in multiple data centers and is continuously backed up.

Multiple Homes

Many people have multiple homes to manage, including rental properties, vacation homes, and even the homes of aging parents. HomeZada allows you to manage multiple homes in one account.

HomeZada Tips

Home Maintenance

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Flush water in hot water heaters

Flush water in hot water heaters
  • Frequency: Annually
  • Space / Item: Garage Hot Water Heater
  • Typical Month: March

Your hot water heater accumulates sediment from your water source. If you don’t periodically flush the hot water heater, the sediment keeps building up which can cause the heater to work hard to heat the water, and it can caus...

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Trim shrubs around air conditioning units

Trim shrubs around air conditioning units
  • Frequency: Annually
  • Space / Item: Back Yard Shrubs
  • Typical Month: May

It is important to trim shrubs around air conditioning units outside the home as overgrown shrubs can block necessary air flow to these units. These units then have to work harder because of limited air flow thus reducing the ...

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Replace or clean furnace filter

Replace or clean furnace filter
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • Space / Item: Garage Furnace
  • Typical Month: February

Depending on your heating system, you should replace or clean filters as necessary. Most systems require a replacement filter, but some advanced systems require just cleaning out an existing electrostatic filter. Filters ty...

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Remodeling & Projects

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Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel
  • Type: Major Remodel
  • Typical Items: 23
  • Estimate (low to high): 6K - 17.5K

Bathroom remodels are popular because homeowners often times want to update the finishes or they want to reconfigure the layout to get more space. They are also popular for resale purposes. The question of having a shower, ba...

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  • Type: Outdoor
  • Typical Items: 5
  • Estimate (low to high): 3K - 7K

A house with a wood deck can add value to a home as it creates a gathering place for various family activities. It can also serve as a connection between the structure of the home and the larger backyard area that ties everyth...

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New Window Blinds

New Window Blinds
  • Type: Minor Remodel
  • Typical Items: 2
  • Estimate (low to high): 100 - 1K

Window blinds are important as they serve both an aesthetic design look as well as a functional purpose. There are many different styles of blinds to choose from horizontal, vertical and even swing out models. You typically h...

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Why people love HomeZada

It does the thinking for me

"I never remember the little things, so the maintenance calendar and alerts are smart by reminding me to keep things running smoothly and lasting longer in the house."

Keith from Florida

Keeps me organized

"We just bought a fixer–upper house, where we have lots of big and small projects. HomeZada keeps us organized in all the things we need to buy for these projects."

Julia from South Carolina

Zen of Zada for Homeowners

Critters Outside

May 16, 2014

The friendly animals around your neighborhood might feel like they are part of the family however sometimes you have to manage the visits your friendly critters have on your home. Eating you plants... read more

DIY Projects - Infographic

May 15, 2014

Many homeowners tackle their own DIY projects around their home. Here is a look at some industry trends on how much is being spent on projects, which projects leverage the highest renovation... read more

Maintenace Tip: Remove lint from dryer exhaust duct

May 15, 2014

Your dryer has a duct connected to the back of it that typically vertically vents up through the roof. Over time, this duct gets lint stuck inside that builds up over time. This lint is very flammable and is often... read more

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