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Managing more than your primary home can be overwhelming. HomeZada makes it easy to manage multiple properties.

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Manage your rental property

HomeZada rental property management
  • Manage multiple rentals and the home finances for each one.

Managing a rental property is difficult because you are not regularly present at the property. Use HomeZada to take a home inventory to document the condition of the home before renters move in, stay on top of maintenance tasks, track any remodel projects, and stay aware of the home’s value, your equity, and the total cost to own it.

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Vacation homes need ongoing management

HomeZada multiple vacation properties
  • Easily switch between properties and the projects for each one.

Vacation homes are usually near ocean coastlines, mountains, and other resort areas close to lakes and rivers. These homes usually need more preventative maintenance and remodel projects because they are exposed to harsher temperatures, different weather patterns and natural disasters. Use HomeZada to manage all the data about your vacation homes to stay in control.

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Manage your elderly parent’s home

HomeZada multiple properties parents home
  • Track inventory, maintenance, projects and finances for your parent’s home

Many people are choosing to age in place in their current home. Home maintenance, home remodel projects required for access, assessing insurance requirements and staying on top of home finances can be challenging for people who are aging. Setup your parent’s house so that you can remotely manage of all the information about their home.

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  • Create and access multiple properties in your account with any device at any time
  • Store unlimited photos, docs, and videos as part of a home inventory
  • Personalize a home maintenance schedule for each home based on its materials
  • Plan and financially manage all your home improvement projects for each home
  • Track all home finances info including estimated value, equity, and total costs
  • Get emails, alerts, reports, and dashboards for each one of your properties

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