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Improve your home marketing

Access current real estate market data to help determine a pricing strategy and create a “Zada®” of digital info to differentiate your home.

Market Your Home with a “Zada®

Publish an online brochure of your home that displays unlimited photos of your rooms and features that you choose. You can also publish multiple remodel projects and your property’s maintenance schedule. Share any property documents such as inspection reports, owner’s manuals, or any other important info about your home.

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Impress the Buyer with Digital Home Info in Your Zada

As the seller of the home, you can provide a copy of the Zada and all its information to the successful buyer in their own HomeZada account. This helps differentiate your home as buyers realize that your home is well maintained and you are willing to give them a head start on managing the home after the purchase is complete.

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Select the type of account you need:

Unique Zada

HomeZada automatically creates a unique public URL for your Zada so that you and your agents can share it extensively.

Go Mobile!

The Zada interface optimizes for any mobile phone or tablet which is great for potential buyers to view the home on the go.

Zada Flyer

A single page PDF Flyer highlights your Zada with key photos and a QR code/short URL that easily gets people back to the site for detailed info.

Social Sharing

Easily share your public Zada via multiple social networks like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and more giving your home maximum exposure.

How it works

Homeowners have three options to using Zada:

  • The homeowner creates the Zada and hires a real estate agent to sell their house
  • The homeowner hires a real estate agent to create a Zada and sell their house
  • The homeowner creates the Zada and sells as an owner themselves



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