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Don’t just take our word for it. Listen and read how HomeZada has become a solution in their lives. A big thank you to our customers for sharing their HomeZada stories with us.

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Mark's Story

Mark's Story

...gives me piece of mind with inventory in the cloud


“It’s super freaking cool. It’s an online hub that helps you organize all your home projects, maintenance and inventory. Needless to say, I’m pretty impressed with this product”

“HomeZada makes the task of running a home a cinch, helping homeowners to keep track of cleaning schedules, maintenance work and various other projects around the home that are vital to its upkeep”

Joe's Story

Joe's Story

...save some serious change with maintenance


“My house is my largest asset, and I needed a simple solution to not only manage it today, but help me maximize the value when I sell in the future.”

Ann Young, Writer - Photographer at FixthePhoto and HomeZada customer

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Nancy's Story

Nancy's Story

It was easy and fast


“I love how HomeZada streamlines the organization of my home's needs. The reminders are nice, too!”

Bruno's Story

Bruno's Story

...see how much money is in our home


“This website allows you to organize everything related to managing your home, all in one easy to find spot”

Maria's Story

Maria's Story

...incredibly useful for project budgets and shopping


“A complete digital home management app where now I know the value of my home and my home equity. Home financial management made easy.”

Tom, A HomeZada user

“I absolutely love that HomeZada anticipated all my rooms and items to make entering a home inventory easier.”

Ann, A HomeZada User

“When I get leads from interested buyers, I send them the Zada Listing link which saves me time in qualifying them”

Ryan, Realtor in Charlotte, NC

“HomeZada is great because it provides me a way to differentiate my marketing and build customer loyalty at the same time”

Melissa, Realtor in St. Louis, MO

“I can now easily manage multiple client homes as part of my property management service which keeps me organized”

William, Property Manager in Clearwater, FL

“Organizing people's digital home records is a big opportunity and HomeZada has created a new service opportunity for my business”

Kathryn, Professional Organizer in Hartford, CT

“Getting a digital copy of the documents, photos and best of all, a property maintenance schedule, has helped us so much in managing our house after we moved in.”

Molly, Buyer in Nashville, TN

“We did a lot of renovations on our home, and it was great to highlight those with the Zada Listing when we sold it”

Chris, Seller in McKinney, TX

“The photos of all the features in the home were awesome. I fell in love with the home we bought online”

Allison, Buyer in San Diego, CA

“My listing agent took extra time to photograph my home which really helped it attract buyers online. They loved the room by room tour”

Larry, Seller in Salt Lake City, UT



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