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Time to Get Prepared

Having a home preparedness plan is critical in protecting your family and your home as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and wild fires can impact anyone.

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Build an Emergency Kit

Disasters can happen with very little notice so it is important to build an emergency kit that you can quickly grab as you exit your house.

Make sure to take into account any special medicines or supplies required by your family members. Review our infographic to see the common items in a kit.

See Emergency Kit Items

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Get Digitally Prepared with Important Data

Emergency home inventory screenshot

Your home and its contents are your biggest assets. It is important to have a photo and itemized home inventory along with digital copies of important property documents.

By having a digital inventory stored away from the home, you can ensure you are properly insured, and have access to your data in case disaster strikes.

Home Inventory Features

Create an Evacuation Plan

Make sure everyone in the family knows multiple ways out of the house. Review emergency exit plans for schools and at work places.

Select a meeting spot in and out of town for all the family members to meet if communication systems are not working.

See The Infographic

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Some insight from some experts

A few hours saves you

"Disaster isn’t real until it hits you where you live, literally. Then your home inventory is a critical resource – or, it’s the thing you wish you’d done when you had the chance."

Kate S. Brown, ImpactOrganizing.com

Evacuations are more common

"Fires and flood cause evacuations most frequently across the U. S. and almost every year, people along the coastlines evacuate as hurricanes approach."

FEMA Website



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