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Check the pool water quality

Check the pool water quality

Maintaining a healthy pool in terms of water quality is very important for your family and friends who use the pool. There are a number of chemical tests to perform on your pool water on a weekly basis. Your pool water contains algae, bacteria and other microorganisms that need to be treated. You must also address the alkalinity or pH levels of you pool water especially as the water gets into swimmers eyes. Many people learn how to manage a pool themselves with the appropriate tests and using the appropriate products. Other people hire pool maintenance service to do this weekly maintenance for them.

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Back Yard Pool

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Every Two Weeks

Swimming pool chemical tests

There are 4 main tests to do on your swimming pool water chemistry.  You should perform tests on chorine, pH, alkalinity, and acid tests.  Many people hire a pool service to do this for them on a weekly basis.  We found a great video from ezpoolz that walks you through the different tests.



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