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Check water shutoff valves are working

Check water shutoff valves are working

It is a good practice to know where the various water shutoff valves are in and around your home. If you discover a leak in a water line inside or outside your home, shut the water off at the appropriate valve in order to limit the potential damage. Having a water line leak for hours will cause a lot more damage than having it leak for a few minutes. Checking the location and the working condition of the water valves is important to minimizing damage, and in the event of a water contamination from a disaster to your water providers systems.

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Shutting off your main water valve

Test your main water shutoff valve once a year.  Once you find the valve, turn it to the right.  Walk around to various sinks in the home to test that there is no water.

After the test, re-open the valve.  Walk back through the home to all the faucets and sinks and turn them on slowly, so you can bleed the air out from the lines.

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