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Chop wood for wood burning fireplaces

Chop wood for wood burning fireplaces

Make sure you have a supply of wood for your wood burning stove or fireplace before the winter starts. Depending on where you live and the property you own, some may be able to chop their own wood while others can order chopped wood for delivery to their homes. Try to create a relatively dry place to store the wood that can also be relatively accessible to the home during the winter.

Space / Item:
Back Yard

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Splitting wood with an axe

A trick we found from Mark P 0177 on youtube was to put the tree stump inside an old tire.  This holds the stump together as you swing the axe into it, as opposed to always getting the stump back into a good position to swing the axe at it again.

Of course if you have a lot of wood to split, you can invest in or rent a wood splitter.  Read the instruction manual on the unit you are using so you understand all the safety precautions.

Here is the video.



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