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Clean all electronics

Clean all electronics

The electronic equipment in your home such as a home theater sound system, televisions, cable boxes and other stationary pieces collect a lot of dust over time, even if they are in closets or in closed cabinet pieces of furniture. Remember to periodically dust all these electronic pieces to keep them looking and working in good condition.

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How to clean your electronics

You should purchase wipes that are specific for cleaning the outside of your electronics equipment.  You don’t want to use any water on the equipment as this could cause a short.  The wipes for electronics have a small bit of alcohol in them which is good for cleaning and it evaporates quickly.

Here is a quick video from Expert Village.

You need to take special consideration when cleaning your high definition television and computer screens.  You don’t want to use paper towels or an all-purpose cleaner.  You should either use a special cleaning solution for screens or make yourself a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water.

Always use a microfiber cloth and spray a small amount of the solution on the clean.  Wipe down the screens.  Use the dry side of the microfiber cloth to wipe down the screen one more time.  Here is a video from eHowTech on how to do it.



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