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Clean and brush pool table felt

Clean and brush pool table felt

For those with a billiards table, the felt on the table also collects dust over time. Make sure you have a brush designed to be used with a pool table and clean the table. A key thing to remember is to always brush in the same direction, as this keeps the surface working well for players.

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How to clean your pool table

The tools required to clean your pool table include a hand held vacuum cleaner, a pool table brush, a rail brush, some chalk removing billiard product, and some microfiber cloths.  First take your hand held vacuum cleaner and vacuum up any major crumbs.

Then take your pool brush and brush the table in the same direction.  Brush and remaining crumbs into the pockets.  Take your rail brush as clean under the rail moving dirt into the pockets.  Then take your chalk cleaner and spray the table.  Use your microfiber cloth and wipe out the chalk marks.

Buff out the top of the rails with your microfiber cloth, and vacuum out any remaining dirt inside the pockets.  Here is a video from Home Billiards.



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