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Clean and condition your outdoor grill

Clean and condition your outdoor grill

Outdoor cooking is prevalent in spring, summer and fall with barbecues. It is important to clean your grill from dirt, cooking fuels, and burnt foods. You want your latest barbeque to taste good and be healthy and not cook with a previous dirty grill. If you have a gas grill, you also want to make sure the gas openings have not been plugged and that ceramic heating coils are not dirty. Not cleaning these can cause your grill to vary in temperature creating uneven heat which creates uneven cooking of foods.

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Cleaning your outdoor gas grill

In order to clean your gas grill, you will need tools like wire brushes, all-purpose grease cleaners, old rags, and soap and warm water.  You need to take apart the grille by removing the cooking grates, and then removing other grates next to the actual burners.

Scoop out any burnt food particles and other debris from the bottom of the grill.  Use a cleaning product and a rag to wipe down the bottom of the grill.  Make sure the burners are not clogged.  Use a wire brush to scrape off the hard to clean areas.

Here is a quick video from Home Depot on cleaning your grill.



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