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Clean computer equipment

Clean computer equipment

Your computer equipment like laptops, keyboards, monitors, and tablets need constant cleaning. Use the right products to keep your table and fixed monitor displays clean from finger and hand prints. External keyboards and laptops need to be cleaned with special air canisters that can blow out any debris. You can also wipe down the keys as your hands and fingers are also full of germs and bacteria that get on your keyboard.

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How to clean your computer

The first thing to do is check your owner’s manual for instruction specific to your brand and model.  But in general, you will need a can of compressed air to blow dust off various parts of the computer.  This will work if you have a computer tower where you can easily access the inner parts.  But with a laptop, you don’t want to try and open the unit itself.

Here is a video from Expert Village

Using a canister of compressed air also helps to dust off an external keyboard or the keyboard attached to your laptop.  You can also use a lint free cloth and a cleaning solution of water and a tiny amount of liquid detergent.  Spray a tiny amount on the cloth to get it damp, not wet.  And gently wipe down the keyboard and mouse pad of dust and oil from your hands.

Here is a video from

For cleaning your computer monitor or laptop screen, use a solution of water with a small amount of alcohol and a microfiber cloth.  Spray the cloth with a small amount of the solution, and wipe the screen.  Use the dry side of the cloth to wipe it down again.



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