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Clean garage

Clean garage

The garage is a central aspect of your home. It functions as a place to store things, keep your cars out of the weather elements, and is often times the most frequent way you get into and out of our home. Thus the garage can get really dirty fast, from wind that blows dirt and debris into the garage, to dirt your car brings in on the tires, to other areas of the garage you use for projects. Cleaning the garage helps reduce dirt from getting in the house, so it is a good idea to shop vacuum your garage either every month or every other month. You can also get a lot of spiders and cobwebs in the garage ceilings that need to get cleaned out.

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How to clean out the garage

Using a shop vacuum is great to vacuum out all the dirt, dust, leaves and other debris on the floors.  If you don’t have a shop vacuum, using a long push broom also works well.

You can also mop the floors in the garage.  Create a mixture of warm water and mild soap in a bucket.  You can use a mop to swab out the floors, or even use the push broom as sort of a scrub.  If you have almost everything off the floor, you could even hose out the garage, being careful to not get the walls wet in the process.

Here is a video from Essortment.



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