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Clean out debris and brush pool side walls

Clean out debris and brush pool side walls

Even in the summer months, your pool fills up with dirt, leaves, and other debris. The larger debris should be skimmed out as soon as you can, while other debris might get picked up by your pool sweep. It is still important to brush the side walls and bottom of your pool as the finer dirt and dust can settle in these places. Brushing your pool will prevent color stains, and you can push it to the bottom of the pool where it can get picked up by the pool sweep.

Space / Item:
Back Yard Pool

Time of Year:
Every Two Weeks

Swimming pool maintenance

There are a number of maintenance tasks to get done on a weekly basis for your pool.  You can start by brushing the tiles on the side walls and then using a net, scoop up any leaves or debris floating on top of the pool.  If there is a log of leaves and debris on the bottom of the pool, you will need to vacuum those up.

Brushing the side walls and bottom of the pool is also important to prevent any scale growth on the walls.  You should also empty the skimmer baskets from leaves and debris.  Back at the equipment pad, shut off the pump and remove the leaves and debris from the pump basket.

Here is another great video from ezpoolz that walks you through a number of these steps.



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