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Clean ovens

Clean ovens

Because you don’t normally see inside an oven, you tend to not clean the oven after every use. But depending on what you are cooking and the container it is in, often times there are food explosions that spray grease and food onto the inside walls and the grill racks of the oven. Make it a habit to get an appropriate oven cleaner, and clean the inside of the over from these difficult grease and food stains to keep it working well and smelling well. You also don’t want to leave food particles in the oven that can burn and start a fire.

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A natural way to clean your oven

Many people are searching for alternative and natural ways to clean ovens versus various chemical products that have been known to be harmful.  The goal is to make your own paste from a mixture of baking soda, salt, a touch of dishwashing liquid and some water.

Once you make the paste, rub it into the walls and base of the oven and let it sit overnight.  Then scrub and wipe up the paste that helps clean the inside of your oven.  Here is a great video from The Domestic Geek to show you how to do it.



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