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Clean stove

Clean stove

Your stove or range probably gets dirty with food spills and stains on everyday use. It is good practice to wipe down after every use of the stove. But a deeper cleaning is required to get to those really tough spots. Gas stoves have grills above the burners that get dirty. Around each burner are circular pans that also catch all kinds of food and grease stains. Some units even have a pan below all the entire burners that catch more. Do a deep clean on the stove by removing all these pieces and cleaning each and every one of them.

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How to clean your stove or range cooktops

Check your owner’s manual for any specific directions and determine whether you have an electric or gas stove.  The basic cleaning principles apply to either type of stove.  It starts with remove the grate above each burner and placing them in a warm soapy solution.  Then remove each burner’s circular pan and also place in warm soapy water.

Take a sponge with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe down around the burners.  Depending on your model, some will have a tray that slides out while other may pop up.  This allows you to wipe down an area underneath the burners.

Scrub the grates and pans and rinse them off with warm water and let them dry.  Place the pans back and then put the grates back on top of the burners.  Here is a great video from essortment.



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