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Dust and clean all hard wood floors

Dust and clean all hard wood floors

Hardwood floors in a home are beautiful and add so much character to a home. But these surfaces get scuffed up a lot from soles of shoes and foot traffic over time. It is important to clean off those scuff marks and other dirt. It is also important to polish and moisturize the wood floors with an appropriate product to keep the wood looking fresh and preventing them from drying out.

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How to clean your hard wood floors

The first things to do is to vacuum the floors.  Then, use a soft cloth mop head with a hardwood floor cleaner or some people recommend vinegar and water mixture.  Sprinkle a little bit of cleaner on the floor, use the mop to run back and forth to clean the floors.

Another preventative measure is to have rug at your door entrances to keep dust off the floor in the first place.  Here is a quick video from Urban Floor on how to clean them.



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