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Flip all mattresses

Flip all mattresses

The mattresses in your bedrooms are one of the more expensive pieces of furniture in your home and a very important part of your everyday health. The proper mattresses for you and your family can lead to better sleep and better health. Depending on how your mattress is built, long use of sleeping in the same spot can create a sag. To prevent this sagging and keep your mattress lasting longer, develop an annual schedule to flip over your mattresses in a certain rotation.

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How to rotate your mattress

The first aspect is determining what kind of mattress you have.  Some mattress are the same on both sides which are typically older models, and many new mattress models have a pillow top layer that is only on side of the mattress.

If you have a mattress that is the same on both sides, you can flip your mattress so that the side you were sleeping on would be the side touching the box spring after you flip the mattress.  But you probably don’t want to do that if you have a pillow top mattress.

Rotating the mattress is the best approach for a pillow top mattress.  This is where the end of the mattress where your head was would be the end where your feet are after you rotate the mattress 180 degrees.  Here is a video from Expert Village on rotating a mattress.



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