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Inspect attic for leaks during heavy rain

Inspect attic for leaks during heavy rain

Climb into your attic during a heavy rain to see if you have any leaks. Check in areas around vent openings and in locations where the roof line changes slope or direction. Water in the attic can cause damage to insulation, mechanical equipment, and cause mold. These leaks can require new flashing or waterproofing around openings, or even be an early detector of needing to replace the overall roof. It is easier to spot potential problems during a rain storm.

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Does your attic leak?

This task just requires you to find your access panel into your attic.  You want to be careful if it requires you to use a ladder to get in, so remember to take safety precautions.

You will want a really good and bright flashlight because you may not be able to get all the areas in the attic.  Make sure you do a thorough walk through look for any signs of leaks.

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