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Inspect crawl space for water accumulation

Inspect crawl space for water accumulation

Depending on the slopes and grades around your home, you should check to see if water accumulates under your home. Standing water can get under a home during heavy rains combined with poor grading or drainage systems, or even just broken water or irrigation lines. You want to eliminate this standing water as it can create structural problems for your foundation and lead to additional pest and or mold problems.

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Water under the House

If you have a raised foundation, you probably have a small access panel to get under your home.  You can also look through smaller vents to see if you can spot any standing water.  If you do find standing water, the next challenge is to determine where the water is coming from.

Water in the crawl space can come from rainwater that slopes toward the home, broken downspouts, ground water coming up, or even a leaky or broken water pipe.  Preventing water from accumulating depends on the source, as each one has a different project to undertake to fix it.

Many people hire a professional to inspect their crawl space, and provide the necessary fix to prevent it from happening in the future.

We found a great video from HouseSmartsTV that shows how to encapsulate your crawl space from water.



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