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Inspect exterior siding, decks, and trim

Inspect exterior siding, decks, and trim

The exterior of your home varies in different materials from brick, to stucco, to wood, to vinyl siding. Given the climate elements from moisture to high heat, it is a best practice to inspect the outside of your home. Look for cracks, warping, separation at joints, and other anomalies. Depending on your exterior wall materials, you may need to fix or replace these areas to avoid moisture and water getting inside your walls and causing mold problems, as well as aesthetic problems that cause your home to lose re-sale value.

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Exterior siding inspection

Walking the entire perimeter of your home and paying close attention to the siding is the important part of this maintenance task.  Siding on homes is different depending on where you live and the style of home you have.  Common siding materials include wood, shingles, vinyl, masonry, and stucco.

Here is a quick video of what to look for depending on the different type of siding on your home.



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