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Inspect roof for damage

Inspect roof for damage

Roofs can be damaged by various things including high winds, heavy snowfalls, tree branches, and even walking on the roof. Roof tiles can be broken or ripped off no matter whether they are asphalt or wood shingle types of roof or even concrete tile types of roofs. It is important to replace and fix these broken aspects of the roof to prevent water from getting under the roofing materials which can cause much bigger problems like serious water leaks into the attic and structural problems for the roof.

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Replacing roof shingles

Removing a damaged shingle requires a straight bar to pry up the nails securing the shingle to the roof.  You want to make sure not to damage other shingles in this process.

When you have a replacement shingle, you should read about how many nails and in what pattern is recommended by the manufacturer.  For this aspect of the task, you will need roofing nails and a roofing hammer.  You may need a utility knife if you have to cut the shingle to match a specific size.

Be careful when climbing and walking on your roof as this can be very dangerous.  Many people will hire a professional to do this work for them

Here is a sample video of how to replace a damaged shingle from Roof Repair 101



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