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Launder duvet covers, pillow protectors, mattress pads and shams

Launder duvet covers, pillow protectors, mattress pads and shams

Washing the sheets on a regular basis is something most people remember to do. But the other bedding items of duvets, bedspreads, shams, and mattress pads tend to get missed. Determine perhaps an annual or semi-annual schedule to wash and clean the other key aspects of the bedding items.

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How to clean you down bedding

Most of your bedding can be cleaning at home with your washer and dryer.  One factor to consider is to make sure the size of the items you are washing and drying can fit.  If not, consider taking those items to a professional or a Laundromat where the machines are usually bigger.

Check each items tag to make sure you can wash and dry them.  Usually down and cottons are good with at home washers and dryers, whereas items with nylon or silk may require a dry cleaning service.

After the wash cycle, you will want to immediately start the drying cycle.  You don’t want to give mold or mildew time to form.  In addition, multiple drying cycle may be required and you may want to stop the drying cycle and re-orient the items so that there is an even drying process.

Here is a great video from Down Lite Bedding on some more tips.



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