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Lubricate garage door

Lubricate garage door

Your garage door has a number of moving parts and gets used quite extensively. As a result, those moving parts must be lubricated in order to prevent a loud and squeaky door and most importantly, keep your door running as efficiently as possible. If you don't do this, your door could wear out faster than it needs to thus costing your more money to replace parts.

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How to maintain your garage door

The first part of this task is to read your owner’s manual for the garage door you have and to follow those instructions.  Most garage doors today have a number of main parts that include hinges that hold together differ parts of the rollup door as well as rollers that are on each edge of the door that run inside metal tracks.  These are two important areas to lubricate with a silicon based lubricant.  Make sure you disengage the door from the automatic garage door opener before maintaining it.

Check your rollers to see if they are metal or plastic.  With metal rollers, you should see the ball bearing rings that need a lubricant while plastic ones do not.  In addition, at the top of the door when it is closed, there is a torsion spring that facilitates the opening and closing of your door.  This spring also needs to be lubricated.

On each edge of the track, there is also a round pulley.  Check to see if it is a metal pulley where you can see the ball bearings, as this area needs to be lubricated as well.  Finally, where the door attaches to the long thin metal rod is a metal carriage; where lubricating it on the sides will help the door operate easier.

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