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Make sure exterior drains are not clogged

Make sure exterior drains are not clogged

Exterior drains either on your property or storm drains in front of your property often times get clogged, especially in the fall from the combination of leaves and rain. These clogged drains can cause lots of different problems depending on the severity of rainfall and the surrounding slopes around your home. Clogged drains can cause local flooding around your home, creating dangerous driving conditions as well as creating standing water that could flow under your house or near the foundations. This can cause structural problems for the home as well as moisture and mold problems.

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Preventing street flooding from clogged drains

Use a rake to remove leaves from clogging the storm drains around your home in on the streets in front of your home.  Doing this before a rain storm prevents street flooding from happening in the first place.

Rain storms in the fall often times carry leaves from neighbor yards which clog the drain.  Keep removing the leaves to allow for proper draining.  Here is an example.



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