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Make the bed

Make the bed

Making a bed in the morning comes naturally to some people and a complete struggle from others. Most people want a clean and tidy looking home and making the bed every day is part of it. To tuck in the sheets or not, is the only other question!

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How to make your bed designer style

There is an art form to how to make your bed, believe it or not.  All of this depends on the type of bedding you have, the time you have in the morning, and your personal choices.  It may also depend on if you have a bed frame as part of your furniture, or if just have a free standing bed.

The design style has the basic premise of folding back layers from the sheet, to a blanket, to a duvet or cover.  The other aspect of this is tucking in bedding in between the mattress and the bed frame.  Having both functional pillows as well as design throw pillows is an important accent piece.

Here is a great video from Alejandra’s Home Organizing Tips on how to put it all together.



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