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Mop floors

Mop floors

No matter how much you vacuum the floors in the kitchen and bathroom, inevitable there are stains the vacuum cleaner just does not get out. It is time to bring out the mop to clean those floors and rid them of those food stains, scuff marks from shoes, and dirt and dust ground into the floor.

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How to clean ceramic tile floors

The first thing to do is vacuum the floors.   If the tile is not sealed, then create a warm water mixture with white vinegar.  If the tile is sealed, create a warm water and soap mixture.  Using a mop, scrub the floors back and forth with the solution. 

Empty the bucket with the cleaning solution and this time just put in warm water.  Using the mop, rinse the floors with just the water.  Let the floors completely.  Here is a video from Howcast on how to do this.



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