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Open the pool for the summer

Open the pool for the summer

If you closed your pool for the winter, it becomes time to open your pool in the spring or summer depending on where you live. You want to get the benefits of your pool for exercise, fun, cooling off in the heat, and entertaining. There are a number of startup procedures to undertake that includes the pool, the water, and all the different pieces of equipment. You can either do these yourself, or hire a pool maintenance service company to do these for you.

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How to open a pool for the summer

There are a number of things to do to re-open a pool.  Removing the cover and removing any debris that may have got in the pool is part of the process.  Removing the plugs in the supply lines in the pool is another key step.

Understanding the right sequence to work with the pool equipment is also important.  You will need to re-establish the filter and pump.  A big step is to re-balance the chemicals in the pool as well as putting the pool sweep back into the pool.

Many people rely on a professional to do this for them, and here is a conceptual overview from Monkeysee



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