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Organize pantry and discard expired food

Organize pantry and discard expired food

You store a lot of dry and canned food in your pantry. With busy lives, sometimes you lose track over what is actually in the pantry and how long it has actually been there. Take a moment to go through your pantry and check the expiration date on foods and discard them. You may also want to dust and wipe down the shelves in there as well.

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How to clean and organize your pantry

The first step is to take everything out and put it on a counter.  Then you can take an all-purpose cleaner and towel and wipe down all the shelves in your pantry.

The next step would be to go through all the food items on your counter and check for expiration dates.  This is a great opportunity to discard items that are well beyond their expiration dates.

The last steps are to perhaps come up with an improving organizing system.  Many professional organizers recommend creating zones for common groups of items, and to invest in some storage containers to help maximize space.  This obviously depends on the size of your pantry, but there are definitely solutions for all sizes.

Some common organizing tips are making items visible and grouping things together like spices, grains, oils, snacks, cereals, serving dishes and other party supplies.  Here is a great video from Alejandra’s Home Organization Tips.



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