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Professionally clean all draperies

Professionally clean all draperies

Many people have invested in some really nice draperies in a few rooms in the home such as the living and dining rooms. Some people have them in the master bedroom and other favorite rooms. It is important to keep the delicate fabric of these draperies cleaned. So hiring a professional to come in and detach the draperies and get them professionally cleaned is something to plan for perhaps every two to three years.

Space / Item:
House Window Coverings

Time of Year:
Every Two Years

How to clean your draperies

Cleaning your draperies depends on the materials they are made with.  For basic cotton or nylon curtains, you can keep them in place and vacuum with an attachment.  Other people will take them down, wash them, dry them and then iron them.  We also found a tip from eHow below on just drying them on low heat.  This still knocks off the dust.

Of course, many higher end silk style draperies need to be taken down and dry cleaning by a professional.



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