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Reactive outdoor faucets and hose bibbs

Reactive outdoor faucets and hose bibbs

After the winter is over and spring begins, you need to take off any insulation you put on exterior pipe and hose bibs to prevent freezing. The insulation covers could get wet during watering and damaged in the hot sun. It is best to remove this during the watering time of year.

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How to open your hose bib for spring

If you winterized your hose bibs by shutting off the water supply to these outdoor hose bibs, you just need to open the water supply valves to get the water flowing back to these areas.  This also depends on how your home’s water supply system was originally installed.  This will now let the water flow so you can use it for outdoor purposes.

Here is a good conceptual video from Winchester Homes.  Just remember that your home may be different than the one is this video.



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