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Reorganize closets giving away unwanted items

Reorganize closets giving away unwanted items

Your closets probably grow with more and more clothing and personal items in them. Yet the physical space of the closets doesn’t change. Your likes and dislikes over which clothes you like and dislike changes over time. Take the opportunity to re-organize your closets, and if appropriate, determine which items you don’t want and can live without, and considering giving them away to family or to various charity organizations.

Space / Item:

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How to organize your closet

There are a lot of factors to consider when organizing your closet.  An important theme is typically to group similar items together and to also think about the seasonality of your items based on the weather conditions on where you live.  A lot also depends on the amount of space you have as well as what types of spaces including hanging rods, furniture drawers, and other shelving.

We found a great video from Alejandra’s Home Organizing Tips that gives you a lot of different perspectives.



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