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Replace shower curtain liners

Replace shower curtain liners

After extended use, the inside plastic lining of your shower curtains start to get an unpleasant odor as well as a buildup of mold, spores, bacteria and other germs. Replace your shower curtain liners to keep your bathroom healthier and smelling fresh.

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How to clean shower curtains and how to replace them

The best way to prevent mold on your shower curtains is to spread them out, wipe them down, and create as much ventilation as possible.  You can also spray them with a vinegar and water mixture to help prevent the mold from building up.

You can also clean them by taking down the liner, and put them in the bath tub with a baking soda and white vinegar mixture.  This helps loose the mold.  Drain the tub and rinse the curtain.  Then dry it off and re-hand the curtain.  Here is a video from on how it works.


Here is a video on how to replace them with a hook-less curtain from Vintage Tub and Bath.


And we found a video from on how to installed a curved shower rod.



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