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Sprinkle sand or salt for traction

Sprinkle sand or salt for traction

When snow and ice form on your driveways and walkways during the winter, remember to sprinkle sand or salt on those areas to eliminate them. Black ice and other thin layers of ice are an extreme slipping hazard, and you need to protect your family and visitors to the home by having safe driveways and walkways. Common slips and falls on these thin layers of ice can really hurt people, so you need to be diligent in watching out for these conditions and taking the appropriate steps to eliminate them if possible.

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How to deice your driveway and sidewalk

Depending on the thickness of the ice, you may need different approaches.  With thicker ice, you will need a pick to break up the ice, and then a shovel to get it off the driveway.  For thinner ice, you can use either sand to get traction for a vehicle, or you can use salt to melt away the ice.

Here is a great video from Expert Village on these different approaches.



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