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Steam clean tile flooring

Steam clean tile flooring

Tile floors in the home also are a magnet for dust and dirt, especially in the grout lines. Did you know you can also steam clean your tile floors? Steam cleaning your tile floors like in the kitchen and bathrooms can make them look like new, and it can keep a healthier home by removing the dirt, dust and odor that is living down there.

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How to steam clean your tile floors

You can choose to buy a steam cleaner and do it yourself, or you can hire a professional who probably has a more powerful machine to steam clean your tile or stone floors.

Check the instructions on how to use the steam cleaning unit you purchase.  The basics include a unit where you put the water in, and a wand that you use to both inject steam into the tile as well as a brush to scrub.  You can also attach a cloth to the back of the wand that acts like a mop.

Continue to inject steam, and sweep the brush back and forth to clean the tiles.  Here is an example video from Dupray Industries on how their unit works.



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