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Take all recycling to central location

Take all recycling to central location

Many people recycle various items in the home like magazines, newspapers, bottle, and cans. Many garbage companies provide separate trash bins just for recycling, while others require you to go drop them off a various recycling centers. Depending on where you temporarily store your recyclables in the home, remember to do a sweep through the house and consolidate them all and get off to the right place.

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Storing your recycling in the home

It is a good idea to have a few different plastic bins in the garage to store the four major types of recyclable material.  The four major items are for glass, plastics, metals and paper.  This helps the family know where to place these items.

Once the items fill up, you can either take them a recycling center or if your local waste company provides bi-weekly pickup, you can then place your items in the special trash can for pick up.  Here is a video from For Dummies.



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